Alexi Leonov
IMAGE ABOVE: Cosmonaut Alexi Leonov makes the first ever spacewalk, March 1965.
In 1964, the Soviets debuted the successor to Vostok, a two-person craft called Voskhod. There would be only two flights in the Voskhod program, but both would be spectacular space first.

Voskhod 1, the first multi-person spaceflight in history, has a three-person crew. The quarters were tight—the craft was, after all, designed for only two crew members. To squeeze in three, the cosmonauts flew without spacesuits, depending on the life support of the spacecraft alone to keep them alive.

It worked.

Voskhod 2 was even more spectacular. The two person flight was highlighted by the first ever spacewalk when cosmonaut Alexi Leonov left the spacecraft to float outside for about 10 minutes. It was a dangerous task and Leonov had difficulty re-entering the spacecraft. His suit had expanded and was too big to make it through the hatch. He jettisoned some air and managed to squeeze back in.